Australian Opal & Osmeña Pearl Cuff

Australian Opal & Osmeña Pearl Cuff


This one-of-a-kind beauty features an Australian ‘Picture’ opal, named for it’s landscape-like quality. It has gorgeous bands of green, blue, pink and white. This cuff features an Osmeña Pearl, which comes from the nautilus, one of the oldest sea creatures still in existence. It is important to understand that Osmeña “Pearls” are NOT true pearls. It is technically mother of pearl. Osmeña “pearls” are a cut and polished shell from the inner chamber of the nautilus mollusk (actually the inner spiral of the shell). This statement cuff also has 24k gold and black argentium sterling silver dots.


Size Medium

104 x 76 x 81mm (4.1 x 3 x 3.2”)

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