Bonnie Roman Glass Earrings

Bonnie Roman Glass Earrings

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These little dangles are special: they contain shards of glass uncovered from ancient Roman archaeological sites in modern-day Israel, and sourced from a reputable antique dealer authorized by the Israeli government, each not only bears the marks of its past life as a household or temple object, but also has been transformed by the very earth in which it rested. In ancient Roman times, cobalt blue was the most expensive to produce, and therefore the rarest. I source this glass, break it into small pieces and drill it. I then use these shards to make my Roman Glass Jewelry. These delicate little treasures are lightweight and displayed on sterling silver ear wires for extra shine: perfect for any occupation or occasion. Remind yourself of the beauty the world has to offer every time you put them on!

PLEASE NOTE: You will not be purchasing the exact pair of earrings in the photo: each pair is different due to the unique nature of the Ancient Roman Glass I work with. 

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