the following are events in tara’s business worth keeping track of:

Atlanta jewelry Show

This was a signifigant event, as the Atlanta Jewelry Show is the premier wholesale jewelry event in the southeastern United States. 


This event took place march 2-5 2018 at the Cobb galleria in Atlanta Georgia.  

centurion jewelry Show

Tara was selected in the top three as an emerging designer


This event took place January 28-30 2018 at the Phonecian resort and spa in scottsdale, Arizona

Centurion Press Release

streetshares and J.P. Morgan chase veteran small business award

in January 2017 Tara placed second in this competition among other veteran entrepreneurs. 


J.P. Morgan chase and the streetshares foundation give $10,000 monthly to veteran entrepreneurs.

women’s jewelry association veteran grant

this was an enormous honor, as the women’s jewelry association is a well established trade association, and this award is only given out once a year.


in 2016 this prestigious award came with a $5000 grant tara could use any way she chose, and she purchased new packaging for her business.

Halstead grant finalist

in 2016 tara placed in the top 10 finalists for the halstead business grant.


This prestigious honor is given out only once a year, and requires a very detailed business plan.