Blue Moonstone Satellite Kinetic Ring

Blue Moonstone Satellite Kinetic Ring


Reinstate your sense of fun with this kinetic ring! This is a kinetic piece of jewelry, and has a satellite moonstone that spins around the center stone. The ring is made entirely of Argentium Sterling Silver, and features a bezel set long oval shaped blue moonstone, or Adularia. Adularia is a variety of feldspar found in hydrothermal veins in mountainous areas, from one of which it derives its name: the Adular Mountains of Switzerland. It commonly forms colorless to white, cream, pale yellow to pink, or reddish-brown, glassy, prismatic, twinned crystals. These transparent to colorless gems often display a white to blue sheen. It is one of the rarest forms of moonstone.


40.6 x 25.4 x 30.4mm (1.6 x 1 x 1.2”)

Size 10

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