Seafoam Grandidierite & 24K Gold Cuff

Seafoam Grandidierite & 24K Gold Cuff


This is an amazing piece of jewelry. Not only does it feature 24K yellow gold accents, but it also has one of the most rare gemstone in the world,  Grandidierite, as well as black opals. First discovered in 1902 in southern Madagascar, Grandidierite often appears on the list of the 10 rarest varieties in the world. Since its initial discovery, samples of grandidierite have been found in only a few locations around the world, including Malawi, Namibia and Sri Lanka. But the few gem quality specimens have come mainly from Madagascar.

It is a beautiful blue-green color, and fits perfectly with my Wayward Seas Collection.


82.5 x 95.2 x 78.7mm (3.25 x 3.75 x 3.1”)

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