What is your shipping policy?

All items are sent by USPS Priority Mail (both within the US and Internationally). Insurance is added if the item’s retail price is over $100. Domestic US shipping takes approximately between 3 to 5 days for delivery, and costs... NOTHING for priority mail! International shipping takes approximately 10 to 14 days and costs $20. Please contact me for more information.

Other expedited shipping services are also available, please contact me if you would like further details.

Shipping Time

My shipping time varies depending on many things; my production schedule, if the item purchased is in stock at the time of order, and if I have a show coming up among many other things. If you are purchasing for an event and you need jewelry yesterday, most of the time I can fulfill your wishes by using overnight shipping. My website is the place to shop if you want unique, one-of-a kind jewelry that will last a lifetime, not off-the-shelf pieces. 

Upon your purchase, I will send an email to thank you, and to inform you of a shipping date. If you need it sooner, please let me know; I’m positive we can figure out a resolution to make you happy without making me crazy.


I do ship internationally. Please contact me for rates.

Refunds and Exchanges

I’m confident you will be 100% satisfied with your purchase from Tara Hutch Fine Jewelry. If not, please email me. Communication is what makes everything work smoothly to ensure you're pleased with your new jewelry. I accept returns on regular merchandise within 15 days of purchase with previous notice for full refund of purchase price, or exchange.

I do not accept returns or exchanges on custom made or customized pieces; this has been made specifically for you, with prior approval from you before starting each step of the process.

I do not refund the deposit after I start any custom project. Starting is considered to be the date the deposit is received.

I do not refund shipping for any reason.

Additional Policies and FAQs

Ring Re-sizing Policy: I create my pieces in a variety of ring sizes. My policy is to re-size most rings one size up or down at no charge. Some rings cannot be resized. Contact me for details; I'm confident we can figure out how to get the ring you want on your finger.

Custom Pieces/Special Orders: I love making custom jewelry for special occasions, re-working a heirloom brooch or because you can't find what you are looking for elsewhere! Contact me to initiate a custom piece. I require a 50% down payment before I begin the project, and the remainder will be due upon completion before delivery. We'll agree on a shipping date before we sign the contact.

See HERE for more details on custom orders.

How do I order wholesale?

Wholesale orders are welcome to established merchants. Please contact me for more information.


I use the following materials to fabricate my jewelry (metals in order of most likely to use - least likely to use):

Argentium Silver: this is the BEST invention EVER! For you, the consumer, the benefits of Argentium are it is a much whiter metal, has an incredibly hard finish, it is environmentally sound (no plating over firescale) and tarnish resistant. It's a relatively recent alloy, invented in the 1990’s, and was created by simply replacing some of the copper in sterling with the mineral Germanium. Metalsmiths can still be heard cheering.

Solid Gold: by this, I mean 100% gold, through and through. Most of the time I use 14K gold (58% pure gold), but occasionally I use 18K and 22K. I also use 23K and 24K gold pressed very very thin (about ¼ the thickness of paper) for Kuem Boo applications. I also use colored golds. For example, I frequently use rose gold (40% copper and 60% gold) and green gold (75% gold, 23% copper and 2% cadmium). Did you know there is a purple gold? How cool is that?

Sterling Silver. Sterling silver is fine silver with a wee bit of copper added for strength and durability. The downside of this copper is that it tends to tarnish sooner. Exposure to oxygen, sulfur, chlorine, and other chemicals can speed up this chemical reaction.

Fine silver. As it comes out of the ground - but better. .999 fineness. Melts well, and makes great decorations and bezels.

Alternative Metals: In some of my pieces, there are inexpensive brass and bronze options. I also sometimes use copper when I feel the designs warrant it. I always clearly state the composition of the metals in the description of the product, and expect the buyer to use common sense when caring for their new jewelry. (Click here to see Care of Jewelry)

Gemstones, Beach Glass and other Stones.

Mostly I use a variety of different natural gemstones to construct my jewelry (i.e. chalcedony, sapphire, moonstone, etc.), but occasionally do use beach glass and found objects. I do my best to identify and explain each component of my jewelry to you, the buyer.

Silk, Pearls, and Other Natural Materials: On many of my designs, I use pearls strung with silk. I don't treat my silk with any chemicals or other agents; it is 100% pure. As a result, strung pearls + a long romantic bubble bath ≠ nicely strung pearls the next morning. Please keep your beautiful pearls out of water. The pearls I use in my creations are AAA graded freshwater pearls, and because they came from a living substance (the inside of a mussel shell), they are more delicate than most of the gemstones I use from day-to-day. To you, this means more care must be taken in cleaning and storing your pearl jewelry. (Click here to see Care of Jewelry) Every so often, I use hemp, linen, cotton, or rayon (or a blend) cord to string my jewelry. As these are all natural materials (including silk), they do degrade over time.

Any other questions? Contact me!